Get to know what AEGY Uganda does.


Ensuring Health and Well-being
AEGY continue with the fight against HIV/AIDS by expanding access to Health care, Mental health, Maternal health, Nutrition, awareness campaigns, and comprehensive Sexual and Reproductive Health Services for young people in the region. AEGY continue its fight against HIV/AIDS by expanding access to healthcare, awareness campaigns, and comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services for young people in the region.

Promoting Sustainable Livelihoods and Organisation systems strengthen for better service delivery.
Empowering women and girls with skills, resources, and opportunities to secure sustainable livelihood fostering economic independence and resilience. Strengthened Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL), financial and program systems Strengthened internal controls, policies and procedures. AEGY continue with the campaign for Nutrition among children and expectant mothers.

Protecting the rights, advocate for the voiceless and Improved accountability and community responsiveness to rights violation among people.
Empowered community structures in responding to rights violation, GBV and abuse forms of abuse among vulnerable people. Strengthen citizen engagement in anti-corruption efforts and accountability increased. Safer environments that promote child safety, well-being and development at community and house hold level increased.

Enhancing Education Access and Quality
AEGY works to improve access to quality education for all school going children/youth and improve the quality of learning in Busoga by improving on the school learning environment, feeding at school and providing scholarships, mentoring, and implementing innovative educational programs that prepare them for meaningful careers.

Our Projects

NI-YETU Youth Empowerment (SRHR and SGBV Prevention)

With Funding from Plan International- SIDA Grant, AEGY Uganda has been the first organization in Busoga region to implement the NI-YETU YOUTH Empowerment project covering Kamuli District.  The NI-YETU Youth Project is a youth social empowerment initiative which seeks to empower young people (10-24 years) with correct Knowledge, attitude and skills for reducing SGBV and improving their SRHR outcomes. Promoting use of reusable sanitary pads, training youth in life skills, promoting male involvement, preventing child pregnancy and mitigating the effect of child pregnancy

Mitigating effects and reducing spread of HIV/AIDS.

The support from MCC Uganda, MUCOBADI, TASU (U) Ltd has  covered 16 Lower Local Governments in Kamuli District, to raise awareness on HIV prevention among children 1-14 years. Sending children back to school, training in life skills children of bedridden parents, promoting nutrition (ekitobero) for PLWHIV and children.

Participatory Action Research Project

TWAWEZA East Africa has support AEGY Implement a Participatory Action Research Project covering 6 Lower Local Government in Kamuli District. The community members have been able to identify problems they face and find solutions by themselves to the problem, they are demanding for services but also mobilise themselves to solve their own challenges such as fixing boreholes and repairing roads.

Hope Never Runs Dry

The “Hope Never Runs Dry” project for Orphans and Other Vulnerable Children (OVC) where we are supporting children stay in school. AEGY covers Kamuli and Mayuge District and are partnership with Shalom Junior Primary School in Mayuge to offer quality education to disadvantaged children. The children are counseled to  accept leave with the  problem.

Living with Shalom Project

 With support from MCC Uganda AEGY promotes peace among the communities of Kamuli and Buyende District. Disseminate information on environment, making and use of improved cook stoves. Life skills promotion and development Environmental awareness campaigns (i.e. planting tress). We promote living in peace with yourself, Leaving in peace with others and leaving in peace with the environment.

Maternal New Born and Child Health

MCC Uganda support AEGY to implement  maternal new born and child health in Kamuli District, Bugulumbya Sub County, plans under way to implement in Luuka and Buyende as per our strategic plan.  Promoting nutrition for expectant mothers and the  children using the “Ekitobero” model and promoting the back yard gardening, producing and consuming food. implementing two activities including;

  1. Health talks and home visits about care of new born, breast feeding, immunization.
  2. Training and follow up young mothers on how to prepare nutritious food (Kitobero)

Women and Girls Empowerment

With funding from CARE International  AEGY is implementing the project with aim of Empowering Young girls and women to decide over their bodies and ensure Universal access to comprehensive adolescent and youth friendly Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) information and services (EYE universal SRHR) With funding from Care international, the project aims at Increasing SRHR service utilization for adolescents and youth in Uganda, particularly in the high-burden district of Kamuli. On women’s empowerment, economic rights, and challenging harmful norms complements.

Performance Based Finances

Performance based finances funded by CORDAID International which aims at improving services delivery specifically Education and Health Services. This activity greatly resulted into improved service delivery.

Malaria Reduction

With funding from USAID PMI/MRA JSI AEGY is implementing Malaria Reduction Activity covering the whole of  Luuka District conducting social mobilization for malaria prevention.